Felt: A Feminist Psychological Thriller


“My life is a fucking nightmare”, is the opening line. A young artist struggles to deal with sexual trauma and self-loathing as she tries to take back what she’s lost by creating her own alter egos. A FEMINIST PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER … Read More

adminFelt: A Feminist Psychological Thriller

Zeb Lueders: Untitled Digital Life Forms


“I am trying to get my act together permanently; all contained under one roof in a cohesive coherent themed message, beyond all of my gifts and limitations.” By EJ Wickes rawing has been a part of Zeb Lueders’ life for … Read More

adminZeb Lueders: Untitled Digital Life Forms

David Bowie: You Remind Me of the Babe


”The text message leading to the phones violent duvet trebuchet was from my brother. It read: David Bowie is dead (frown emoticon).” By Ian Miller (Cartographer of Satyrus Jeering) awoke to a text message from my brother. I was still … Read More

adminDavid Bowie: You Remind Me of the Babe

The Art of Confrontation: Threat Condition Orange


“In the art of confrontation, how complacent or reactionary is a society when it comes to acting in its own best interest?” IN CONFRONTATION OF COMPLACENCY By Dale Richman he art of confrontation has been practiced by the species since … Read More

adminThe Art of Confrontation: Threat Condition Orange

Feminist Art Movements: Radical Metamodernism


“One man’s terrorist is another woman’s freedom fighter.” B.I.T.C.H. BEING IN TOTAL CONTROL (of) HERSELF: THE FEMINIST JIHAD By Alex Welsh Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers (above), by the Guerrilla Girls, 2003. he “New” Feminist Movement got its roots from the … Read More

adminFeminist Art Movements: Radical Metamodernism

Dasein: Existing Within the Moment


“If then, you have lived in despair, then whatever else you won or lost, for you everything is lost, eternity does not acknowledge you, it never knew you, or still more dreadful, it knows you as you are known, it … Read More

adminDasein: Existing Within the Moment

“Ism” as in Metamodernism: The Most Ambiguous “ism” of All


Metamodern Art. Metamodernism: The Most Ambiguous 'Ism' of All.. Metamodern Art

”What often compartmentalizes contemporary art and metamodernism from the average person’s realm of understanding is in how it’s intellectualized by its critics and historians.” ARE WE OVER INTELLECTUALIZING METAMODERNISM? By Dameon Rush “Boy Falling from Tree” (above) by Jeff Wall … Read More

admin“Ism” as in Metamodernism: The Most Ambiguous “ism” of All

Artist’s Statement: An Artist’s Anti-Statement


“Maybe someone could have asked Steinbeck to draw pictures to explain his writing.” HOW IMPORTANT IS THE ARTIST’S STATEMENT? By Scott Sjobakken he artist’s statement. Bullshit in its purest form. Art is communication. That’s all it is. If you as … Read More

adminArtist’s Statement: An Artist’s Anti-Statement

Metamodern Dance: Tech, Gear and Body Movement Converge


“The Performing Arts have become incredibly diverse and interdisciplinary since the birth of metamodernism.” METAMODERN DANCE: WHERE TECH, GEAR AND BODY MOVEMENT CONVERGE By Rochelle Livingston Performers from Project Bandaloop (top). Photo news.wsu.edu etamodernism brings to the performing arts many … Read More

adminMetamodern Dance: Tech, Gear and Body Movement Converge

Soul vs Technique in Fine Art


”Art is a thing so much of the imagination, of the soul, that it is difficult to descend to the fundamentals of technique and yet make it plain to the student that these are but the ‘means’ and not an … Read More

adminSoul vs Technique in Fine Art

Art Movements: Obsolescence and Reinvention


“There really is no such thing as art. There are only artists.” – E. H. Gombrich SHIFTING ART MOVEMENTS FROM TACTILE TO DIGITAL By Lawrence Hemsworth “Acid Cloud“ by Sara Ludy. n the classification and chronology of art movements and … Read More

adminArt Movements: Obsolescence and Reinvention

Metamodern Databases: The Future of Art History


“While the foundations of databases come from the building blocks of modernism, the resulting databases, the finished building to continue the architectural theme is postmodern. Databases are ahistorical. They not only end modernism’s grand narrative but restructure all grand narratives.” … Read More

adminMetamodern Databases: The Future of Art History

Ideology, Activism and Art: The Bark is Worse than the Bite


“The young characters are fluent in a hackneyed language of protest, fighting for what they believe in, standing up for something, supporting good causes and making a difference. But their naïve and self-congratulatory efforts suggests that privilege and nostalgia may … Read More

adminIdeology, Activism and Art: The Bark is Worse than the Bite

Extreme Art vs Extremism


By EJ Wickes Painting (top) by Ammar Salim (Al Jazeera) EXTREME ARTISTS GOING ON THE OFFENSIVE or our art to be more relevant to life we need a keen understanding of the world around us. Artists and emphatic people have … Read More

adminExtreme Art vs Extremism

Modern Art Timeline


Designed by Miguel Coelho “It has always been easier to create new labels than to create a new movement in art that truly deserves a new name.” MODERN ART AND MODERNISM By EJ Wickes n Modern Art History H.W. Janson … Read More

adminModern Art Timeline

Industrial Design: Making Life More Accessible


“Design must be an innovative, highly creative, cross-disciplinary tool responsive to the needs of men. It must be more research-oriented, and we must stop defiling the earth itself with poorly-designed objects and structures.” – Victor Papanek By Anthony Debella This … Read More

adminIndustrial Design: Making Life More Accessible