Cheetos and the New World Order


Metamodern World: Cheetos and the New World Order

“Wring out the old rags and ‘bling’ in the new.” – Happy New Year

By Allen Sands
Image (above), Cheese Puffs

Here we are. We’ve let the anxiety of the past election subside and we’ve channeled all that negative energy into holiday spending and debt. It’s the dawn of a new year and we look anxiously forward to new adventures in economics, government and ever pending societal issues. No doubt the systems we have been coerced into accepting, no demanding, will achieve as much positive gain as they ever have.

Is this pessimistic outlook justifiable? How many individuals are projecting the same tattered and well-worn mantras of sublime positivity in my direction, right now, as we speak? Or, how many individuals are shrinking away from the mental confrontation of thought; the contemplation and reflection on what’s actually wrong with the world today?


”There’s only two ways this can go down. We’ll charge you for it. Or we’ll kill you for it. But you’re going to have our Democracy whether you like it or not.”

From the classic 1947 film that starred Gregory Peck entitled “Gentleman’s Agreement”. A beautifully patriotic and romantic monologue delivered by Anne Revere. Who herself was a direct descendant of Paul Revere, whose name became well known in the evolution of American History.

“You know something, Phil? I suddenly want to live to be very old. Very. I want to be around to see what happens. The world is stirring in very strange ways. Maybe this is the century for it; maybe that’s why it’s so troubled. Other centuries had their driving forces. What will ours have been when men look back?”

“Maybe it won’t be the ‘American century’ after all, [talk about foreshadowing] or the Russian century or the Atomic century, Wouldn’t it be wonderful Phil, if it turned out to be everybody’s century, when people all over the world – free people – found a way to live together? I’d like to be around to see some of that, even the beginning…” – Anne Revere (Mrs. Green) “Gentleman’s Agreement“, 1947.


If the human mind can visualize it; the human being can create it. That is – until the smarmy 10% get their grubby dollar soaked racist mitts all over the cookies.

Here’s one: Add up all the money the 10% spent blowing everyone but themselves to smithereens and murdering Asians, Jews, artists, philosophers and whomever else got in their way during WWI and WWII and we could have provided peace, energy and sustainable living for everyone on the planet instead.

For less than what it cost us to invade Iraq we could have sent them boatloads of window unit ACs, TV’s and satellite dishes and hooked ’em all up with 55 gallon drums of fuckin’ Cheetos! Then when the jihad recruiter came knockin’ on their door, trying to entice teenagers to go live in a cave and strap C4 to their backs – the kid with a mouthful of Cheetos would say – “Hey, get they fuck out – I’m watchin’ Snooki, mutha’ fuckah, and close the fuckin’ door on your way out!” Pardon my French.

Now, I ask you: Is that Democracy building, or what? Nah, there’s only two ways this can go down. We’ll either charge you for it, or we’ll kill you for it. (And, whatever you do – don’t let the Americans see those Westinghouse and General Electric cargo ships docked at the enemy’s ports in North Vietnam, for Christ’s sake!) A lot’s changed since the seventies? Not! Just ask our new Secretary of State. His company Exxon/Mobil literally spat in the eye of Democracy over in Chad recently. Art of the deal, Baby!

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