The Chinese Fire Drill


Metamodern Culture. Chinese Fire Drill.

”The Meek shall inherit the Earth. But not before the Arrogant burn it to a crisp.”


By Allen Sands
Image (above) from Vimeo

Instead of treatment; education; mercy and empathy, we get more laws; penalties; paranoia and wars. This is how a free society solves its problems. With a Chinese fire drill at every intersection. Politicians, despots and hysteria. As if the latter could have any positive effect in reducing social dysfunction or resentment toward authority. Leaders are elected for their ability to inspire no change whatsoever. They are elected to serve the status quo; that which has been manufactured and controlled by whatever means, by the establishment’s ten percenters.

Society’s car pulls to a screeching halt at the warning signs of conflict and tragedy:

“Oh my GOD! Something is HAPPENING!”

Everyone jumps out of the car and starts running around it with arms flailing. Panic, anger, fear. Extreme demands for extreme solutions emanate from all the passengers; any solution will do. As long as it doesn’t take up too much of their time, energy or taxes.

“A law; a penalty!”
“No laws! No penalties!”
“It’s the drugs!”
“It’s the guns!”
“It’s Communism!”
“It’s ISIS!”

And everyone jumps back in the car as it speeds away before any long term solutions can arrive on the scene. The car pulls to another screeching halt…

The problem seems to be the one driving the car, not the passengers. The people so to speak. The ones who are just along for the ride. They don’t care how they get there, as long as the car doesn’t stop for any extended periods of time for maintenance or repairs (to its “infrastructure”).

In any state there is the ruling faction and the general population. Then there are the ten percenters within any faction who contaminate principle with fanatical idealism. Palestinians are not the problem. The ten percenters in HAMAS are. The Jewish people are not the problem. The ten percenters in the Zionist regime are.

It may interest you to know that some Jewish people and Palestinians can actually live, work and play together. The same as Caucasians and African Americans do here in the United States. It’s the average Joe who always seems to get caught in the middle of the ten percent’s Chinese Fire-drills. Every time “something” that one of them disapproves of, or cannot find an immediate civilized, fanatical or technical solution for, the hammer comes down.

Do you hate the people of North Korea or do you sympathize with them? Russians, Ukrainians, Iranians, Saudis, whomever. How can you hate an entire population for its violent suppression under the dictates of their own ten percenters?

This is where globalization should benefit the species. Globalization, as we are witnessing is by design of the ten percenters. With globalization comes the import and export of global trade: The export of economic sustainability, global wars and mass displacement of immigrants and refugees. A Chinese fire drill on a global scale.

If they choose to selectively justify “open markets” for all of the above, then they will have to accept complete globalization: Free and open markets for social justice. The unfettered importing and exporting of individual rights and an honest adherence to promoting life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for the entire globe.

There is an ever growing demand building across the digital airways. Classic liberalism and examples of egalitarian philosophies are reemerging. We are not so cut off from one another anymore. We’re beginning to see the reality of those having to live in the shadows cast by their own country’s arrogant ten percenters. The general population of the world far outnumbers its ten percenters. And we are becoming increasingly tired of their reckless driving habits.

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