Creating Spaces: Metamodern Designs for Living


“Establishing a good rapport between client and contractor and saving construction dollars are my goals.”


By Marcia Lyon
Artist’s conception of Masdar City (above)

Architecturally trained, Marcia Lyon uses her remodeling design know-how to create the weekly newspaper column CREATING SPACES. Each column features the “Problem and Solution” approach to various remodeling dilemmas and designs, fitting each particular homeowners’ needs. These projects range from a one-bedroom condominium to tripling the size of a house, but most of them are typical, space-bound bungalows and uninspired ranch homes. And for the construction, homeowners either do-it-themselves or hire local contractors.

While most other architects concentrate on commercial designs, or large custom homes, Lyon has developed her own architectural niche – a metamodern design on a reasonable budget. Working with her firm, Lyon travels often to consult for average homeowners across the U.S. and Canada. She offers a unique service that gives remodeling homeowners just what they need: design and direction. “Saving construction dollars is my goal” says Lyon. Her consulting talent successfully translates well to the internet. She offers Studio Consulting, performing her service without even having to visit the house.

Lyon’s first book, “Creating Spaces -The Essential Planner for Home Remodeling” shares her designs and unique approach to remodeling and over 35 years of experience in the remodeling design field. For more than three decades, many of Lyon’s designs have been featured in major home magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Home Plan Ideas, Country Home and others. Her collection of published magazine works is sizable. Public speaking and appearances fill the balance of her schedule, but her real love is helping people make their homes truly their own through in-home consulting.


ON SITE: “I visit your home and create the drawings there, with you. It is instant gratification because we design your project together. I get immediate feedback so if you are not comfortable with a direction I am going, I’ll back up and try something else – until I “get it”. I leave you hand drawings for contractors to use, plus information on finding and working with remodeling contractors.”

STUDIO CONSULTING: “Similar to On Site but is only available if you have ¼” scaled floor plans of your home. You mail them to me along with photos, your priority lists and then we’ll set up a date to meet on-line with a video chat. I mail you the finished drawings once we have a project that works for you.”

Metamodern Designs. Creating Spaces by Marcia Lyon. Contributors Credit.Marcia Lyon is a professional architect, remodeling designer and freelance writer. She designs projects internationally and locally across the US and Canada. Visit Creating Spaces on Facebook! Contact Marcia via email:; or phone 515-991-1300.  Her website is


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