Crop Circles: Extraterrestrial Graffiti or Metamodernism in Art?


Metamodern Art: Crop Circles: Extraterrestrial Graffiti Artists?

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” – Albert Einstein


By Marshall Helms
Photo (above) by Frank Laumen

Metamodern Art: Crop CirclesMysterious Crop Circles have been popping up from as far back as the 17th Century. Beautifully excavated designs etched into the flowing fields of the British countryside. These phenomena have also been sighted in other locations throughout Europe and North America and many theorists are speculating as to what exactly these astral “tags” are telling us.

From a cultural standpoint, it’s an interesting if not surreal exercise in galactic anthropology. Where is this metamodern art coming from? Are these hoaxes or not, or both? The conventional wisdom gives the credit to a couple of guys named Doug Bower & Dave Chorley. With approximately 200 sightings prior to 1970 and a total of about 10,000 to date; that’s a lot of crop circles. With other crews of artists added in; it’s still a lot of crop circles. Especially when you compare the prankster variety to what investigators would call authentic.

It’s easy to accept the explanations and subterfuge presented by the institutions we invest our faith and trust in the most. We believe in Angels, but raise our eyebrows in disbelief toward any extraterrestrial concepts other than God. By the 21st Century one might assume that the possibility of extraterrestrial life would be a no-brainer. Whether or not these patterns and glyphs are being created by humans or aliens, they are none the less quite pristine in their design.

Metamodern Art: Crop Circles.3D adaptations of these designs by artists and believers are leading to some very compelling results. Are they diagrams sent as clues to discovering untapped energy sources like the Torus field? Are they 3D CAD designs for interplanetary vehicles? Some of the ideograms resemble organic life forms. Some are very precisely laid while others are pretty rough around the edges. That two guys with boards tied to their feet could complete one of these in four hours with a flashlight, let alone an entire crew overnight, is a legitimate artistic accomplishment.

According to some crop circles are as large as 200,000 square feet. Photographs of vertical beams of light from the sky have been taken the night before in locations where these neo-glyphs have been discovered. As an artist, these mysterious glyphs incite the imagination. Romantic thoughts of sharing aesthetics on an interplanetary level are the most inspiring. Perhaps Art truly is the “Universal” language.

Metamodern Art: Crop Circles.Many of these agroglyphs are very complex in their design. To pull one of these off you would need plenty of lead time for planning. Ample time would go into conceptualizing the project. It would have to be scaled up and the lines would have to be surveyed. The artist’s mission would have to be executed in a timely manner as not to be discovered before sunrise. A coordinated effort between numerous individuals would be needed, all acting with military precision. Going in cold with a team that had little or no prior experience would provide even more challenges. When you consider the complexity of planning that this particular kind of guerrilla art brings to bear; it’s quite impressive.

A complex agroglyph from above.



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