Cultural Entropy: Ripples Across the Ponds of Metamodernism


The Metamodern. Cultural Entropy.

“Entropy: The word entropy is sometimes confused with energy. As described in previous sections, energy measures the capability of an object or system to do work. Entropy, on the other hand, is a measure of the disorder of a system.” – Source

By Irwin Ford
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Things were already shifting during the Green Revolution (1940’s to 70’s). Norman Borlaug was one of the forefathers to what was actually the “Petrol-bio-chemical Revolution”. By incorporating the technology of the bio and chemical industries we build the foundations for new levels of entropy and sustainable destruction. The industries that come with fertilizers, pesticides and synthetic flavorings in food are the same ones bringing you GMOs and applying for patents on life itself.

Our subsidies go straight up the food chain, to companies like Monsanto, ADM and Cargill, stimulating more entropy. We get new legislation that fails to protect the rights of smaller farmers who are getting cross pollinated out of existence by Monsanto. We used to know what was actually in our milk. The milk and food you raise your kids on are being pumped full of growth hormones, antibiotics, sugars, petrochemicals and fillers. This is the Hot Pocket Generation. Back in my day, “Said the old fart,” my mother cooked just about every night. We drank milk, not Mountain Dew at the dinner table, and we dam well had better be eating our broccoli! That was hell for me because my mom, a great cook in her own right, would always over cook the broccoli. It wasn’t until I left home before I actually saw appetizingly bright green broccoli. It was awesome. I had no idea!

Your expected reply might be, “Well, I’m too busy to cook dinner every night. Life is so busy now.” Both of my parents worked and the fact was, we ate very little fast food or Hamburger Helper. Fast food, soda and other junk food was the exceptional treat, not the standard. So, what changed? Is it because Mom and Dad both have to work? No, it’s because Mom and Dad both have to work at jobs making less money due to inflation and have to work more for less just to put that food on the table.

The only food many of us can afford is over processed and mind numbing. If you want to buy good food at a good price, you’ll have to shop at Walmart because the neighborhood stores can no longer compete. Sustainable economic entropy: We’re happy to purchase that Hoover vacuum cleaner made with cheaper parts than the same Hoover at Sears, because Hoover had to come below Walmart’s price points just to get a contract with them. And you hear the sound of crickets chirping and watch tumbleweeds roll by the empty shops on Main Street, USA.

Reagan in 1984 started the impetus for NAFTA. Clinton signed it into law 1993. “Sa-mack!”

The first time I started noticing the smack for real, was around the early eighties when the economy had tanked really bad. Unemployment was the highest it had ever been up until recently. Jobs were hard to find, the government, World Bank, IMF and big corporations had been selling us out to “World Trade” and selling out third world countries to the lowest bidder. That was around the time that personalized license plates were taking the nation by storm, Michael Douglas was preaching the benefits of greed, and more and smaller businesses started to expire as the new corporate “church” started spreading its faith; a new camouflaged, corporate and government approved version of the seven deadly sins.

The double one and a half gainer smack. When logic, critical thinking and innovation started to flip to the darker side of of Bizarro World and “1984” literally, had arrived.



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