Doorway Tolls: The Minimalist’s Workout


Metamodern Performing Arts: Charlie Faraday. See her feature Doorway Tolls.

“No more excuses! The equipment came with your home. No gym, no fees, just you, the pull-up bar and a doorway.”


With Charlie Faraday

Metamodern Fitness. Doorway Tolls.Your doorway to fitness is waiting for you at home. Making the time and space for working out is always a little inconvenient. With today’s demands on our time and productivity, whether it be the extra expense of a gym or purchasing a truck-load of equipment; there’s always that little voice inside our heads that makes it so easy to avoid the effort. Well, no more excuses. There’s a new sheriff in town and she’s going to make working out so easy, time efficient and productive there will be no more wiggle room left for excuses.

Charlie Faraday is a performer, personal fitness expert and an aerial acrobat. She’s arranged a series of daily workout regimens that are simple and virtually unavoidable if your living space has at least one load bearing door frame. The exercise regimen contains 43 different routines (to date) for a well-balanced total body workout and each take very little time as you pound them in between the office and the living room.

Try these low impact, fluid movements for more strength and flexibility and adjust the repetitions to your preference. Follow her in The Metamodern as we continue to post a new video each week, or on: Charlie Faraday and Darker Marker Productions.

Here’s all you’ll need to do:

1). Choose the highest traffic doorway in your house.
2). Put a pull up bar in there!
3). Pay each day’s toll every time you pass through the the doorway. Do as many reps as you want, but don’t pass through the doorway without paying the toll!
5). Get strong and awesooooooome!!!

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