Felt: A Feminist Psychological Thriller


Metamodern Film. Felt: A feminist's psychological thriller

“My life is a fucking nightmare”, is the opening line. A young artist struggles to deal with sexual trauma and self-loathing as she tries to take back what she’s lost by creating her own alter egos.


Review by Jerimiah Anderson-White-Douglas
Image from mattystanfield.com, FELT with Amy Everson. Directed by Jason Banker, 2015

Have you ever been so afraid of something that you form an almost obsessive attachment to it? Has the very thought of a specific thing ever caused you so much anxiety and pain that you become fixated on its very idea? Abject self-loathing and the obsessive desire to possess the very thing that one hates is the basis for Jason Banker and Amy Everson’s newest feature film Felt.

Amy Everson (a very talented performance artist making her onscreen debut) slips very convincingly into the lead role of Amy, a young woman who has obviously experienced some kind of unseen sexual trauma in her life. The incident forces her to dress up in weird fetish outfits and display a curious revulsion and a burning desire to become and transform into the very thing that haunts and traps her.

Metamodern Film. Felt
With these characters Amy is able to reassign the male form and reshape it and conform it to her own desires. These characters give Amy the power she needs to cope but also push her further and further into a twisted world of her own making. When Amy begins a fresh relationship with what she deems a “truly good guy” she begins to soften and let her guard down but sometimes vulnerability can come at a great price. As Amy’s alter ego waits just below the surface to inflict great violence at the slightest hint of pain.

Felt is the kind of film that is best experienced for the first time with as little knowledge to the proceedings as possible. Is the film enjoyable? That will depend on the viewer.

Are the events and emotions portrayed in the film meant to be taken as enjoyable? Or are the raw emotions meant to disturb and unsettle us into an alert and action taking state of mind? I will say I did enjoy Felt. It is a bold statement on the so called rape culture that seems to be so prevalent among the youth of today.

Directed by Jason Banker
Written by Amy Everson and Jason Banker, 2015

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