Islam vs Christendom with Metamodernism Caught in Between


Metamodern Culture; Islam vs Christianity

“During the subsequent Third Crusade, Saladin was unable to defeat the armies led by England’s King Richard I (the Lionhearted), resulting in the loss of much of this conquered territory. However, he was able to negotiate a truce with Richard I that allowed for continued Muslim control of Jerusalem.”


By Irwin Ford
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I‘ve been reading up on the Crusades; all of them. I wanted to know why thousands of Europeans left their homelands to travel across the continent to kill Arabs (Muslims). What I get from scholars is this explanation in so many words: “Yes, the Crusades were awful and the Christians did murder, rape and pillage entire Muslim communities and burn down their mosques, but – they (Islam) started it.”

Civilization has been skewed by religious zeal since the first upright man decided to worship the Sun. Religions have built nations and destroyed nations, and still we tolerate them enough to allow religions to influence education, governments; sometimes to become governments, and to send their citizenry off to die for God or Allah. Not only has religion been the root cause for holding medical science back hundreds of years, we now have southern evangelicals and fundamental Christians introducing ridiculously literal interpretations of Holy Scripture that not even the early church would have wrought.

Islam was taking the world by storm; pretty much like most religions and political cartels have throughout history. As a matter of fact religion and economics have probably been the reason for the most heinous acts of murder, discrimination and death in the history of Mankind, and radical Islam is no exception. But, how different were their methods?

In following their own “Manifest Destiny” – sound familiar? – their religion was viewed as being better, the only way, than all the rest. They (the radicals) believe that the world needs to convert to Islam. And after many years of irrigating that fire with gasoline, we now have ISIS.

Just like the Christians thought their religion was better and believed that the New World needed to convert to Christianity. Ask the Native Americans about what the Spaniards and European colonists did to them. (For five hundred years over the entire North American Continent.) “Wink”. Just like the Confederacy was getting ready to do in Central America before the Civil War started. Big money; lots of brown people.

So the Pope had to do something. Since the Muslims wouldn’t let Christians on their land to attend church a thousand miles away, although pilgrimages to the Holy Land were allowed by the thousands – since that was the only place on Earth they could worship – no churches in Europe to be found I suppose. Oh, but they were killing Christians. Yes, eventually. It’s easy to kill with God or Allah on your side. It doesn’t really matter. Although Islamic culture was the dominant trend in that region during Medieval times, they were in fact taking the world by storm and Christendom had to do something about it.

Technically the Muslims started their own Crusade (jihad) with Muhammad’s death around 632 AD. Most of the time when they came rolling in they would give you a chance to convert or not. If you were Jewish or Christian and wanted to keep your religion you were taxed. It was more like extortion. A lot of Jewish people died fighting along side of the Muslims during the Crusades. And you can’t keep your war-machine active without taxes, right? But if you didn’t pay, the extremists would kill you. It still happens today in Egypt for example. And as I recall, a little empire called Rome did the exact same thing; eventually leading into the Holy Roman Empire and the autonomous, tax exempt (until around 2013) corporate state (within the state) known as the Vatican (with its own bank).

It seems Muhammad was losing control because his men weren’t happy with their share of the plundering.

“And know that out of all the booty that you may acquire in war, a fifth share is assigned to Allah and to the Messenger, and to near relatives, orphans, the needy and the wayfarer.” – Surah 8:41, Ali Translation.

Spoils of War. Sounds like the Muslims used some of that on “infrastructure”. How long after the Iraqi invasion did it take us to get lower gas prices? The Iraqis couldn’t even get gas to run their cabs or turn their electric on, but Halliburton was turnin’ and burnin’ all day long. No reason to be pissed about that, right? Hello ISIS, I hear you’ve got gas. And a lot of it gets marketed through Israel by the time it gets mixed into the stream by corrupt people from all over the Middle East. That’s another irony. Everybody’s pushing ISIS oil and a lot of people are making serious money. Iraqis, Syrians, Kurds, Turks and Israelis.

The scholars also speak to this as well: “Yes, people have invaded and conquered other people and many cultures have been displaced or driven to extinction – because that’s just the way it is.” Okay, keeping that in mind….

Interesting, since the Europeans were largely uneducated and wallowing in their own garbage, rat excrement, the plague and murdering each other over their own new religions. St. Patrick’s Day? If the church came to my village, I’d start drinking too. They replaced Druid savagery with Christian savagery. Anglican and Catholic – that’s trouble. But they did do a good job persecuting Baptists, torturing witches, etc. on into The New World. And don’t forget the Spaniards. They did a bang-up job with the Inquisition. A bunch of freaks wearing stupid hats and frocks pouring hot led down some poor slobs gullet. But that’s another story. There were about ten different wars over religion across Europe starting in the 1500’s, including the Thirty Years War.

Islam only has two sects killing each other. After Muhammad a 1400 year long family feud still ensues over power. There’s always some power struggle with religions, ever notice that? You’d think they invented Capitalism or something. As in – ten percent of your income was tithed to the church as a matter of principle? Gothic Cathedrals don’t grow on trees you know! It takes an entire village of slaves eating onions and lard sandwiches a few hundred years to build one of those things! The first skyscrapers – gettin’ closer to God.

Unfortunately the Arabs (not all Arabs are Muslim) in their zeal to conquer; brought with them Arithmetic, Astronomy, Philosophy, Medicine, the concept of bathing; perhaps a cure for the plague, and oh – the Renaissance.

I wonder, had we not found oil in Arabia almost a hundred years ago, how things might have turned out.

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