Liberal or Conservative: Which One Are You?


Metamodern Politics: Liberal or Conservative?

“Both Liberalism and Conservatism are relative to the environment and culture. Liberals and conservatives have juxtaposed their positions drastically over the past two hundred years.”

By Rick Hopewell
Political Spectrum: (above)Candy preferences between Liberals and Conservatives.

The current political lexicon of the status quo defines the difference between a liberal and a conservative, simply as one who accepts changes to tradition more readily that one who prefers the comfort and security of established norms. The liberal tends to be considered culturally and morally progressive while the conservative is often considered old fashioned. But standards for both have changed through time. At the time of America’s birth our Forefathers were considered the liberals of their time. They wished to liberate themselves from the divine right of kings and the Monarchy. Liberals wrote the same Constitution that Conservatives today most adhere to.

An argument can also be raised to the contrary when you consider that a large majority of the colonists were gun toting Christians. These are traits attributed to many conservative lifestyles today. The issues of religious freedom and gun ownership are high priorities in America.

”Can anyone existing within the emerging vortex of metamodernism, truly claim to be wholly liberal or conservative by today’s standards?”

Many individuals today are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. The burgeoning creative culture exhibits this characteristic in the new expansion of metamodern economics; conservative investment and progressive entrepreneurialism. Back to basics, but with new cultural and technological twists.

The media is considered liberal. This is a myth. The media is owned by business conservatives like Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black. The Bill of Rights preserves a liberal and free press, not a restrained one. Each network manufacture’s its own consent according to the specific politics and core values of its ownership and advertisers.

Some conservatives would just as soon legalize marijuana than have to listen to all the rhetoric and legal mumbo-jumbo. Jailing individuals for minor drug offenses defies social liberalism and fiscal conservatism at the same time. Labor and business are considered on either side of the line. But if an individual is “pro-labor” but “anti-union” how would you classify them?

Jacques Fresco, futurist and social engineer speaks of the “emerging” society. Contrary to the “established society”, an emerging one is always casting off its old husk for new alternatives. It’s okay to be wrong. It isn’t a mistake until you repeat it. Often Liberal and conservative viewpoints will get caught up in their own established or institutionalized norms for the sake of tradition and habit rather than for practicality.

A new paradigm shift is occurring through experimental political think tanks. As we push through originalism and neo-originalism in the political lexicon, the choice between liberal or conservative becomes insignificant in the grander scheme.

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