ORLANDO: The Social Entropy of Gun Violence


The Metamodern World: Orlando

“The events of 9/11 altered the paradigms of reason immediately after the attack. The first bit of advice coming from the establishment was to go shopping. Go to the malls, spend money, have dinner and catch a movie!”


By Damien Rush
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After Orlando, once again asking the tough question: Are there any psychopaths out their using their powers for good instead of evil? Like the ‘Dexter’ kind, not ‘The Following’ kind. I know it’s tough out there. I realize your capacities include a lack of conscience and empathy. Egocentricity; pathological lying; repeated violations of social norms; disregard for the law; shallow emotions and a history of victimizing others. But nobody’s perfect. The rest of society’s not too far off the curve.

Orlando tipped the national scales of sanctimonious revelry like never before. I have to pull myself away from all the incendiary activity on social media. I find myself becoming enraged by the rhetoric from both sides. The self-righteous, divisive back and forth bantering is too irrelevant to comprehend. It’s coming from both sides, but genuinely irritating are the self-proclaimed anti-gun pacifists. Every rifle is an assault rifle to them, even though AR stands for Armalite. Most of us wish that we could wave a magic wand and make all those nasty guns fly back into Pandora’s Box, but that will never happen. There is way too much focus placed on the gun or the “object” and not enough attention given to the cause or possible solutions to gun violence.

There are those of us caught in the middle trying very hard to avoid confrontation. One sided statistical battles drive both factions closer to their own Pyrrhic Victories by defending to the death their outlandish fears. I follow the dialogue after each mass shooting. The paradigm never changes. The citizens demand harsher or leaner gun legislation, with very little room for the guys in the middle to get a word in edgewise. And still, not one attempt has been made to isolate or eliminate any of the economic or social anomalies contributing to widespread gun violence in America.

Please forgive my 20/20 hindsight in advance. There were many things that might have, or could have been done that might have contained or prevented Orlando from happening to the degree that it did. Has everyone forgotten that we are a nation at war? This in itself ought to inspire its own sense of public awareness. Regardless of how far you buy into the war on terror; nightclubs, cafes, malls and movie theaters are all soft targets. Who was watching the door? Most posh nightclubs throughout America make it fairly difficult to get past the door without getting a once over by a couple of big dudes with walkies, ear pieces, and if they’re smart, concealed carry permits. I looked at the diagrams from the event. The shooter parked his vehicle right in front, near the main entrance and had easy access into that club; with his guns blazing.

I’m starting to conclude that our world’s population is divided into seven human states of existence:

1. Psychopaths.
2. Sociopaths.
3. The Agentic.
4. The Autonomous.
5. Those manipulated and coerced by the psychopaths, sociopaths and the agentics.
6. Those who understand and hate being manipulated by the above, but ultimately do so to prevent themselves from becoming homeless.
7. The Homeless. (Or Autonomous).

Travis Bickle (Taxi Driver) comes to mind, along with Bill Williamson (Rampage). [Insert smiley face emoticon in body armor_here]. And why shouldn’t psychopathy be increasing at an exponentially faster rate? Capitalism causes wars, wars cause pain and suffering, pain and suffering causes the Pharmaceutical Industry; the Pharmaceutical Industry causes capitalism…and so forth. Nothing crazy about that mode of sustainable destruction, correct?


We are constantly reminded of Man’s inherent war-like nature. This Freudian anomaly that has us engaging in sports as a therapeutic placebo for combat. We are also constantly reminded that capitalism cannot survive for any length of time without intermittent periods of war. Perhaps a new paradigm is in order.

The psychiatric profession, since the 1940’s has been granted open season on the military for rampant research and development of psychotropic drugs. As early as WWI governments have been prescribing treatments and drugs to soldiers either to keep them alert and high strung for extended periods of battle or to keep them from deserting the field of battle.

Up through the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan, amphetamines, antidepressants and other mood altering narcotics were being dispensed to military personnel like popcorn, all over the world.

If war or violence is inherently in our nature, why then is there so much evidence of more and more medications for anxiety and PTSD being prescribed? In other words how natural or compatible to his psychological makeup is war to the average soldier that we have to increasingly medicate his or her trauma? And why are so many of our service members committing suicide? More veterans committed suicide in 2012 than were killed in combat. Statistically speaking you are less likely to be killed on the battlefield than you are by prescription meds.

The Metamodern. OrlandoMass shootings, as opposed to the usual criminal gun violence, didn’t start proliferating until around 2011, Orlando being the largest tragedy to date. By 1998, DTSA (Direct To Consumer Advertising) was granted to Big Pharma. Increases in SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) and other meds to adolescents and adults are heavily marketed. Has this any bearing on angst ridden teenagers? Discouraged by bullies; other social inadequacies and medicated since adolescence with Ritalin, anti-anxiety drugs and more?

Chart from goodmenproject.com

Thank medical science for the medicine we need to treat our aliments. But by the same token, many of these “afflicted children” could do as little as working on their own self-discipline and concentration with the help of caring and attentive parents. Lifestyle changes, exercise and some restraint with indulgent amounts of hyper-stimulation from digital technology might be worth considering. If indeed the these vast number of children legitimately need to be medicated, the casual observer might be prone to consider this a serious mental health pandemic.


Spurred on by the tragedy of Orlando, gun violence is a hot issue in America and not studied near enough. We have statistics. We know which demographic holds the highest percentages of gun violence; we know that full-auto settings on rifles are not necessary for home protection or hunting. There are many available alternatives. But still the focus is on the gun; the object and not the social and behavioral issues surrounding it.

I have read and compared statistics presented from both sides of the gun control argument. My findings are pretty inconclusive. That is to say, for all the statistical evidence presented by one side, there are an equal and opposite number of statistics to refute them as well. The chatter on Facebook and other social media platforms are rife with statistics and memes being fired back and forth. Most have little or no relevance to isolating the true causes of gun violence.

Most of the violence is concentrated in the inner cities and outlying projects. When we talk about social issues, racial tension is top on the list. To leave this out of the discussion would be disingenuous. We have extensive evidence coming out verifying almost 100 years of federal and state sanctioned racism and segregation. New policies after WWI mandated by President Woodrow Wilson and carried out to eliminate any and all career opportunities; once afforded to the Black Man. By the hands of agentic bureaucrats, ill thought segregation and integration polices have destroyed much of the sustainable infrastructure in every major city across the United States. See Richard Rothstein’s The Making of Ferguson: Public Policies at the Root of its Trouble.

I often make comparisons to Switzerland, generally excluded from any examples or statistics put forth by proponents of anti-gun sentiments . On the surface the difference in population density between the U.S. and Switzerland is extreme. A little over 8,000,000 compared to 300,000,000. The statistics of per capita gun ownership is measured in subsets of how many gun owners per 100 people. In the U.S. we have about 100% gun ownership per 100 people. This means some have no guns, while others may have several. The statistics in Switzerland maintain about 47% per 100. Almost a difference of 50%, or almost half. If these numbers are close to being accurate the question becomes, why do Switzerland’s gun homicide rates barely even show up on the graph while ours soars to the top of the page?

“Because of Orlando, strongly increased efforts to enforce more layers and background checks might seem to be a good place to start.”

Is it because they’re more ethnically homogeneous? Less racism? Better public options for education and healthcare? Is it because of their extreme lack of economic disparity or preferential treatment? Is it because they “care” for their citizens while we here in the U.S. barely “maintain” ours? Does Switzerland wage corporate wars under the guise of a “War on Terror” every ten years to justify the raping and pillaging of another country’s resources for capitalism? Are their incarceration rates off the charts? What is the explanation? What’s the answer? There is none. We choose to exclude their examples and contradictions to all our conventional wisdom.

The events of 9/11 altered the paradigms of reason immediately after the attack. The first bit of advice coming from the establishment was to go shopping. Go to the malls, spend money, have dinner and catch a movie! Since then programs initiated between the Department of Homeland Security and Pro-Israeli lobbies have been sponsoring training junkets to Israel for our municipal police agencies. The cops in Mayberry are now being trained by the IDF and Israeli counter-terrorism specialists in crowd suppression and intelligence gathering on American citizens. Coinciding with that; police homicide rates against civilians have soared.

In 1989 “60 Minutes” did a segment on steroid abuse by America’s law enforcement agencies. For over twenty years a small percentage of our police officers (as much as 20% across the board) have been illegally taking and abusing anabolic steroids. Do you think this has any proportional effect on the exponential rise of questionable police shootings? Why has that never come up in any of the official conversations concerning the overt use of force or police brutality?

If we as a society wish to eventually isolate and attack the underlying causes of gun violence in America, these are just a few of the considerations often overlooked in the heat of the moment. After a horrible tragedy like the event in Orlando emotions run deep and the chip on our shoulders becomes like the Rock of Gibraltar, obstructing any clear headed views toward the horizon of a much bigger picture.


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