2015 – 2016

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  • Metamodern World: There Oughta Be a Law.

    There Oughta Be a Law

  • The Metamodern World: Orlando


  • Metamodern Literature. Dead Wait

    Dead Wait

  • Metamodern Culture; Islam vs Christianity

    Islam vs Christendom

  • Metamodern World. Military Industrial Love Triangle

    Military Industrial Toy Box

  • The Metamodern World: Ethnic Cleansing

    Ethnic Cleansing as Nationalism

  • Metamodern Metablog. Gun Violence.

    Gun Violence

  • Metamodern World: Cops and Steriods

    Cops and Steroids

  • Metamodern World

    Police vs Citizens

  • Metamodern World. Problem, Reaction, Solution Senario

    Problem, Reaction, Solution

  • Metamodern World. One Night in Beirut.

    One Night in Beirut

  • Metamodern Environment., Metablog. Sustainable Destruction by EJ Wickes.

    Sustainable Destruction


  • Metamodern Politics: Case for Government.

    A Response to Libertarianism

  • The Metamodern: Politics. Donald Trump Town Hall, Des Moines.

    Trump: Town Hall, Des Moines.

  • Metamodern Politics: Political Spectrum

    Political Spectrums

  • Metamodern Politics. Chain of Evidence

    Custody of Your Vote

  • Metamodern Politics. Political Art Movements: How About an Artistic Political Movement?

    Artistic Political Movement

  • Metamodern Politics: Statesman or Politician?

    Statesman vs Politician

  • Metamodern Politics. Political Parties: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • Metamodern Politics. Intuitive Politcs: Artistic Process of Anarchy

    The Artistic Process of Anarchy

  • Metamodern Metablog. Vermin Supreme; A New Level of Performance Art.

    Politics as Performance Art

  • Metamodern Metablog. Activism in Decline.

    The Facade of Revolution

  • Metamodern Politics: Liberal or Conservative?

    Liberal or Conservative?

  • Metamodern Politics. Metamodern Political Lexicon.

    How's Your Political Lexicon?

  • Metamodern Politics. Metamodern Lexicon of Politics, by EJ Wickes.

    The Illusion of Representation


  • The Metamodern: Economy. Reinventing the Holidays for Capitalism.

    Reinventing the Holidays

  • The Metamodern: Economic Spectrum in the Orwellian State

    Orwellian Economic Spectrum

  • Metamodern Metablog. Adam Smith and Capitalism.

    Adam Smith: Father of Capitalism?

  • Metamodern Economy. Trump, Sanders and Nazi Economics.

    Trump, Sanders, Economy

  • Metamodern Economy. Made in USA?

    Made in U.S.A.?

  • Metamodern Economy. Economic Stimulus with the Industrial Arts

    Economic Stimulus

  • Metamodern Economy. The Decline of Western Civilization - and Fine Dining, by EJ Wickes.

    Declining through Fine Dining


  • Metamodern Science and Technology: Needles

    Needles: An Alternative

  • Metamodern Sci-Tech: UFO Phenomena

    UFO Phenomena

  • Metamodern Science, Technology: Superfund: What happened to It?

    Superfund: What Happened?

  • The Metamodern. Science. Technology. What if Extraterrestrials Had Religion?

    What if ET Had Religion?

  • Metamodern Sci-Tech. Twitter: The Metamodern Nightmare of Customer Service

    Twitter: Customer Service

  • The Metamodern. CERN: Where Science, Religion and Art Collide

    Science, Religion, Art Collide

  • Metamodern Sci Tech. GMOs: There's Two Sides to Every Story.

    GMOs: Two Sides

  • Metamodern Technology. Open Source Ecology

    Open Source Ecology

  • Metamodern, technology. Environment: With All Due Respect

    The Environment


  • Metamodern Education: Learning Online

    Learning Online

  • The Metamodern: History and Esteemed Quotes.

    History and Famous Quotes

  • Metamodern Education. Skills Gap

    Skills Gap Myth

  • Metamodern Education. The Nitch

    Art in Education

  • Metamodern Education. Vocational Training: Economics Effects Education.

    Vocational Training

  • Metamodern, Arts. Metamodern Databases of Art History

    Metamodern Databases

  • Metamodern Education. Specialization vs Diversification: Inside Looking Out.

    Specialization or Diversification?

  • metamodern Education. Human Capital Movement.

    Human Capital Theory



  • Metamodern Art: Luminarium

    Luminarium: The Architects of Air

  • Metamodern Art: Crop Circles.

    Galactic Graffiti or Guerrilla Art?

  • Metamodern Art: Art Imitates Life:

    How Well Does Life Imitate Art?

  • Metamodern Art: Glenn Brown.

    Art of the Transhuman

  • Metamodern Art. Richard Grove

    Richard Grove's Blueprint

  • Metamodenism Art. Tatiana Giacinti

    Tatiana Giacinti: Time and Space

  • Metamodernism, Art. Zeb Lueders

    Zeb Lueders: Digital Lifeforms

  • Metamodernism in Art: Misery and the Marines.

    Misery and the Marines

  • Metamodern Art. Feminist Art Movements: Radical Metamodernism

    Radical Metamodernism

  • Metamodern Art. Soul vs Technique in Fine Art.

    Soul vs Technique

  • Metamodern Art. Art Movements.

    Art Movements

  • Metamodern Art. Ideology, Activism and Art.

    Ideology and Activism in Art

  • Metamodernism

  • Metamodern Art. Artist's Statement.

    An Artist's Anti-Statement

  • Metamodern, Arts. Extreme Art vs Extremism

    Extreme Art vs Extremism

  • The Metamodern, The Arts, David Dees, Podcast

    David Dees Interview

  • Metamodern. Modern Art Timeline.

    Modern Art Timeline


  • Metamodern Performing Arts

    Bonne Finken

  • Metamodern Performance Art

    Charlie Faraday

  • Metamodern Performing Arts. David Bowie.

    David Bowie: RIP

  • Metamodern Dance: Tech, Gear and Body Movement Converge

    Tech and Body Converge


  • Metamodern Film: Waiting by Sandip Pratihar


  • Metamodernism: Art and Indie Filmmaking

    The Visual Art of Filmmaking

  • Metamodern Film: Indie Film Invasion

    Indie Film Invasion

  • Metamodern Film. The Witch.

    Well Crafted Horror

  • Metamodern Film. Felt: A feminist's psychological thriller

    Felt: A Feminist Thriller

  • Metamodern Film. Dasein.

    Existing Within the Moment

  • Metamodern Film: Flick

    Flick: Coming of Age

  • Metamodern Film. Art of Confrontation: Threat Condition Orange.

    Threat Condition Orange



  • Metamodern Culture: Facebook and Social Media

    Facebook and Social Media

  • Metamodern Culture: Is Civilization Civilized?

    Is Civilization Civilized?

  • The Metamodern. Cultural Entropy.

    Cultural Entropy

  • Metamodern Culture. Chinese Fire Drill.

    Chinese Fire Drill

  • Metamodern Culture. Jason Wyman: Community Outreach

    Redefining Community

  • Metamodern Culture: The Meme - More Powerful Than a Locomotive

    The Meme

  • Metamodern Culture. The Holy Trinity in the Social Art Construct.

    Holy Trinity of Art

  • Metamodern Culture. Divide, Demonize and Conquer

    Divide, Demonize and Conquer

  • Metamodern Literature. Switching Addictions

    Switching Addictions

  • Metamodern Literature. metamodernism: The Age of the Digital Temper Tantrum.

    Age of the Digital Tantrum

  • The Metamodern: Paradigm Shifts, Running in opposite Directions

    Paradigm Shifts

  • Metamodern Culture: Bernays Thought, Therefore I Am.

    Bernays Thought, Therefore I Am

  • Metamodern Culture. Fight or Flight; Juxtaposition of Style

    Fight or Flight

  • Metamodern Culture. Obsolete Man. Rod Serling's Timeless Message.

    The Obsolete Man: Television

  • The Metamodern. Through the Dystopian Looking Glass.

    Dystopian Naivety

  • Metamodern Culture. Metamodern Identity Project

    Metamodern Identity Project


  • Metamodern Designs for Living

    Vacation Home Gets Updates

  • Metamodern Designs: Kitchen

    Kitchen Project

  • Metamodern Designs: Lake House

    Lake Home

  • Metamodern Designs for Living. Barn Conversion.

    Barn Conversion

  • Metamodern Designs for Living: Enlarging a House

    Enlarging a House Proportionally

  • Metamodern Architecture: How to Improve a House with a Bad Addition

    Bad Additions: What to Do

  • Metamodern designs. Additions and Proportional Design

    Additions and Proportional Design

  • Metamodern Designs for Living. Dormer

    Dormer Project

  • Metamodern Designs. Creating Spaces. Porch

    Seasonal Porch

  • Metamodern Designs. Two Story Addition

    Two Story Addition

  • Metamodern Designs. The Non Addition

    Non-Addition Addition

  • Marcia Lyon Architect

    Creating Spaces with Marcia Lyon


  • Metamodern Science and Technology: Kratom


  • Metamodern Performance Art. Doorway Tolls with Charlie Faraday

    Minimalist's Workout

  • Metamodern Body Science. Universal Healthcare.

    Universal Healthcare: Medicare

  • Metamodern Health and Fitness.

    Life More Accessible

  • Metamodern Body Fitness. Martial Arts. A Well Rounded Workout.

    A Well Rounded Workout

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