Political Spectrum: How Many Interpretations Are There?


Metamodern Politics: Political Spectrum

“When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” – Sinclair Lewis


By Irwin Ford
One of the many versions of our Political Spectrum (above) easily found online.

Let’s start by defining terms and straightening some things out. Chart 1 (above) illustrates the commonly taught political spectrum from left to right. We learn that Anarchy is on the far left. The anti-government; chaos and disorder. Then communism, socialism and moving closer to the middle is our form. Off to the right we have what they consider to be Nazism, Fascism, etc. We’re not too socialist, not too fascist; we’re right in the middle, surrounded on both sides by what we’re taught to be totalitarian forms of government. In other words, both communism (left) and fascism (right) are two different forms of totalitarianism as we’ve been taught to understand.

The debate has always been about more government or less government. Here’s where it starts to get confusing. Anarchy is considered less government; the anti-government. The right denies government intrusion as well. What’s the difference? Anarchy is not about chaos and disorder. It is about people freely cooperating in a pro-active way. They have no need for authoritarian intrusion or permission to act in any socially positive way. Anarchy does not represent chaos and disorder as the revisionists would have you believe. Anarchy purely questions the legitimacy of authority over free will.

The Anarchist defies concentration of power, wealth and intrusion into their privacy; a very Libertarian point of view. Libertarians are considered to be on the right. Where are the Anarchists placed? On the far left. Where do we place the Libertarians? Nowhere on this chart obviously, but generally they’re considered to be on the far right. Is any of this making any sense at all? Of course not, because it’s all bullshit.

Unless it’s a thermometer, most charts start at zero and work their way up. To some zero might seem a fair starting point on the political spectrum instead of somewhere in the middle between extreme left and extreme right. But how can you be in the middle of totalitarianism? You either have more authority governing your lives or less authority. More government intervention or less.

How can Communism be so close to Anarchy on the left? Anarchy; anti-government vs Communism; totalitarian government, as we’ve seen with the Soviet Union’s and China’s versions. So we have from the left: No government into totalitarian government back to a little less government with some liberalism thrown in and then progressing back into totalitarian government to the right. But wait a minute? The far right is where we put the Libertarians; as referenced by Ron Paul, who also craves much less government. As a matter of fact many political texts will comment on the similarities between Anarchy and Libertarianism to great extent. The similarities between the far left and the far right.

The Metamodern. Political Spectrum.
There are many interpretations of the Political Spectrum easily found. Beware of false prophets.

The Metamodern. Political Spectrum.
On the left is the accepted example of what we’re generally taught. The example on the right is actually more accurate.

American Libertarians carry the flag for free enterprise and minimal government intervention in business, as well as their private lives. Republicans pretend to be Libertarian as a necessity to appease the business sector. But it’s the business sector that manipulates our government ad nauseam. To the American version of Libertarianism I plead this; “If you want my government out of your business, then get your business the fuck out of my government.”

Again, socialism is an economic principle not a form of government. If Socialism is on the chart, then why not Capitalism? Because Capitalism isn’t a form of government; it’s an economic principle. The Socialists of Russia wanted a fair economic system. To get it they needed to industrialize. Who helped them do it? The industrialists who eventually usurped their movement and corrupted it; turning it into a totalitarian economy and calling it Communism or their Socialists’ republic. If Socialism is on the chart, then Capitalism should be there too. And here’s why:

Big Business commonly favors Fascism and any other totalitarian form of government. They operate best under the Oligarchy. The entire business structure is hierarchical with minimal displays of democratic process if any within the system. This structure has its own merit for obvious reasons, but it has gone way beyond any ethical or acceptable parameters of authority. Specifically through campaign financing, high dollar lobbyists and the revolving door we have between the private business sector and our government.

Would it then be fair to ask, why Capitalism, (which through the revolving door has so much influence in our government) isn’t in itself considered an American form of government on every political spectrum? If we categorize or demonize a particular concept through false revisionism, or mixed interpretations that are allowed to prosper and cause more divisiveness, it only serves those who benefit from our confusion with the political spectrum.

Bernie Sanders is creating quite the stir. He’s the Independent, Democratic/Socialist, Socialist or Communist from Vermont. The Republicans would have you believe that he’s the Red Scare and Stalin’s going to be the Vice President. The Democrats will have you believe that he’s a well-intended, but unworthy spoiler, not to be taken seriously. He will take votes from their own attempt at statehood; Hillary Clinton. Bernie, along with other fringe candidates, challenge the established lexicons that describe our political spectrum.

Metamodern Politics: Political SpectrumBernie Sanders is taking a bold approach against the concentration of business and power in government. He’s not placating the corporations and the wealthy. He’s asking the politically incorrect questions no one else is asking, except possibly Elizabeth Warren and Ron Paul. Sanders is asking questions that best serve the working middle class; the 47% that Nit Romney mentioned. The entitled underachievers who are working very hard and still not making any headway; in a climate where paying fifteen dollars an hour or close to a living wage becomes outrageous to the largest corporations in America.

It’s Capitalism vs Socialism. Both are economic principles misread as government constructs. If we accept capitalism as a core principle of government, how does an Oligarchical system of hierarchy justify its authority over a free and Democratic Republic?


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