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“The militarization of American police forces has been brought to public attention by the tactics employed, which often appear more appropriate to counter-terrorism operations than control of non-violent protest. However, the proper term for this ruthless suppression of dissent should be Israelification.”


By EJ Wickes
RCMP provocateurs (above) busted by peaceful protestors

The Problem Reaction Solution Scenario; Diocletian Theory or Hegelian Dialectic proposes that when a problem in society is created it’s followed by a reaction. The reaction usually entails some popular demand for a solution. And generally the solution is the primary goal of the problem creators. David Icke, a well-known conspiracy theorist talks about this all the time. Admittedly I draw the line as soon as he starts mentioning the “Lizard People”, but from about the first two thirds of the “conspiracy” pyramid he describes, the probabilities of most of that content are fairly plausible.

Throughout history this tactic has been used many times. From the Roman Emperor Diocletian; the burning of the Reichstag, still hotly debated but the fact remains that Hitler used it to his advantage; the Lusitania, a cruise ship that was knowingly sent into enemy waters, (after the German Consulate published a warning in the American newspapers), with munitions stored in its hull; a direct violation of the “rules” of war, and sunk by the German fleet, which was enough to build the popular reaction that got us involved in WWI; Pearl Harbor, ignored warnings, etc., Gulf of Tonkin, Viet Nam; 9/11 and so forth.

Politicians, religious zealots and PR consultants do it as a matter of principle. Demonize one faction, product, belief system or another and win the hearts and minds of those who will become their following. Islamic fundamentalism is taking the world by storm; an extreme version. It repulses people, but we’ve had extreme Christianity; Zionism and many other extreme versions of religion and government as well. So take a number and get in line.

The fact remains that as soon as someone higher up starts demonizing another country, you might want to do some homework to see if there are relevant historical causes and effects from prior actions that may have inspired any recent discontent. The media tends to omit many details that might provide a clearer picture and a means to make an intelligent decision regarding public or domestic policy.

Behind most schemes, conspiracies or plots, there lays a theory invented by some intellectual on how to manipulate an individual’s mind. “Winning friends and Influencing people” has more validity and relevance to power and authority than you think. Problem, reaction, solution comes into play.

PROVOCATEURS: Another tactic over the years has been the infiltration of peaceful protests during free trade demonstrations and other socially relevant causes. In this video and image (top of page) we see officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police dressed as “anarchists”, one holding a rock and trying to incite a disturbance. The union leader is calling them on it. This practice by the authorities is consistent with the Diocletian Theory of “Problem, Reaction, Solution.”

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