Tatiana Giacinti: Osculating Between Time and Space


“The results came in an explosion of colorful elements: The extravagant Parisian life superimposed on top of New York City’s madness.”


By EJ Wickes
Photography by Tatiana Giacinti

Multiple exposure is a photographic technique that photographer Tatiana Giacinti has made her own. It consists of combining two or more separate exposures into one, leading into more than one world; or moment in time, superimposed on a single frame. Since the same frame gets repeatedly exposed to the light, it allows elements and details to come out more prominently than on other areas; creating surreal and fascinating pictures. The possibilities of multiple exposure techniques are endless, and provide Tatiana unlimited experimental opportunities.

It is said that metamodernism osculates between the modern and postmodern; lingering somewhere between construction and deconstruction, taking the best elements of both and leaving a well worn obsolescent world behind.

Tatiana Giacinti, a French photographer, fell in love with America’s urban landscapes and scenery and now lives in Des Moines, Iowa. She shoots only with analogue cameras, preferring to use the ones from Lomography that allow dreamy, atmospheric and lo-fi photos. She owns multiple film cameras, from medium format to the fish-eye and compact styles. Her favorite continues to be the LC-A+, 35 mm.

Throughout her various stays in the United States, she experimented with techniques of double exposure and came out with some astonishing results. Her first double exposure series came from the medium format camera Diana F+, that consisted of shooting in a random ways two images in a row on the same frame.

Metamodern Art. Tatiana Giacinti
“Dunkin’ Donuts Sign on Top of Green Point Church” (shot with Diana F+)

Then, she created that same experiment with a 35 mm camera, La Sardina, but this time having a well defined idea in mind, turning the camera upside down for the second multiple exposure shot.

Metamodern Art. Tatiana Giacinti.
“Two Lamborghinis in Las Vegas” (shot with La Sardina Camera)

The most surprising project was made thanks to the camera LC-A+. A double exposure project created in collaboration with her distant beloved friend at that time, that we could call: from “NYC to Paris with Love”. While the two were living apart, the beloved in NYC started shooting random scenes and moments, and once finished the film was rewound and sent to her by mail in order for her to shoot Paris afterwards, on top of the already exposed film.

The results came in an explosion of colorful elements: The extravagant Parisian life superimposed on top of New York City’s madness. This photography project allowed them to stay in touch again and freeze their moments together within the 6 hour time difference.

Metamodern Art. Tatiana's Selfie.
“Selfie” (shot with LC-A+)

Metamodernism Art. Tatiana Giacinti.
“New York Hotdog Paris Subway” (shot with LC-A+)

“New York City Tree Shading Parisian Bistro” (shot with LC-A+)

Metamodenism Art. Tatiana Giacinti
“Time Tunnel”

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