The Non Addition “Addition”: Master Bedroom and Bath


Metamodern Designs. The Non Addition "Addition".

“Proportion is a very important element when considering an addition to the space we live in.”


By Marcia Lyon

The proportion of an addition in relation to other rooms is key and when it’s ‘off’ you feel it. You might not be able to articulate what is wrong, but it won’t feel right. Perhaps you’ve gone into a small house with a big addition. First, it is clear what has been added. Then you realize that the un-remodeled part is avoided, since it is small and dark by comparison.

Metamodern Designs. Non Addition "Addition".

This project was a builder house where the intention of the master bathroom was scaled up for a ‘wow’ factor. This master bathroom (A) is as long as a two car garage; has a cathedral ceiling; a large skylight (B) and a never-used huge tub (C). The toilet (D) is in its own small room, then two separate sink stations (E), and then a relatively small shower (F). Also included is a linen closet (G) and a walk-in closet (H).

This closet is the right size for the adjacent master bedroom (I). On either side of this massive bathroom (A) is eave space (J).

The homeowner was very uncomfortable with the size of the bathroom and didn’t feel secure in this space. There isn’t even a door separating the bedroom from the bathroom.

She thought it would be ideal for her lifestyle to move the laundry upstairs to the addition, but couldn’t figure out how that might work.

Metamodern Designs. Creating Spaces. Non Addition

The elements of the addition that were important to keep in place were the toilet location, the sinks (E), skylight (B) and the closet (H). Firstly, I took 8 to 9 feet at the end [window] wall (K) to create a laundry/retreat room (L). The new wall lines up and continues the end of the vanity wall. This provided enough space for the laundry equipment and a laundry sink. The plumbing was already there because the tub and shower were plumbed in that corner. We added curtains (M) to temporarily cover the laundry equipment.

The space was large enough for hanging space, folding counter and cabinets. Bins beneath the counter work for sorting. The linen will be stored in this room. Notice that the door to this room vestibules against the new wall of the shower. This door and the other doors in this bathroom are frosted glass.

Next, an oversized shower (N), with open top uses the natural light from the skylight (B).
The door to the closet (H) is changed to a wide barn door type (O) that is also framed frosted glass.
A needed bench (P) is placed right outside the closet. The toilet room (D) is rebuilt (Q) to be more spacious and includes a cabinet to store toilet paper and books.

Another frosted glass door (R) is installed between the bedroom and bath.
Now the spaces ‘feel right’ and it all functions great.

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