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Metamodern Designs. Two Story Addition

“When planning a two story addition, it is wise to look all around including up. Adding to you home will affect the outside, inside, flow, proportion, flow and overall look. Consider a second floor addition if it will look right on the outside and improve the space on the second floor.”

By Marcia Lyon
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Metamodern Design. Two Story Addition: Creating Spaces

It was already determined that a two story addition would be the solution to the problems in this house. We definitely needed additional space on the first floor and, when studying the second floor, realized that the improvements would be substantial.

Upstairs, the back part of the house was the most important because it was the mistress’ bedroom (A). It had been dormered (B) so the space was affected by the roof (B) on the sides. This room was unworkably long and narrow. The cramped closet (C) was accessed by a door, which revealed only clothes right behind it. Other clothes seemed lost forever!

The other bedrooms (D&E) were nicely proportioned and would stay as they were.
The hall bathroom (F) was small, but the homeowner wanted it to stay as-is with only cosmetic updated.

We knew the footprint of the proposed addition (G), so we looked to combine the new space into the Mistress’ bedroom (A), with style and grace.

Metamodern Design. Two Story Addition: Creating Spaces

This was actually quite easy. The back part of the house had to be re-roofed, so we eliminated one of the roof-bumps (B) and achieved a large and interesting bedroom (H). The angle on the addition (I) looks intentional in this room, and enhances the bedroom space.

We took the right side of the former bedroom (A) and made a walk-in closet (J). This was more storage space than the homeowner needed, but it was appropriate to the size of the new bedroom.

*This larger master bedroom and closet will aid in resale in the future.

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