UFO Phenomena: Is the Truth Really Out There?


Metamodern Sci-Tech: UFO Phenomena

“On the day that we do discover that we are not alone, our society may begin to evolve and transform in some incredible and wondrous new ways.”
Carl Sagan

By Marshall Helms

Many of us have watched documentaries about alien visitations and UFO encounters. Some people enjoy watching shows about forensic pathology and crime stories, for others; shows about History and a multitude of other phenomena. I personally enjoy UFO documentaries because it somehow gives me hope that maybe there are life forms and anomalies in our universe that are bigger and more wondrous than our own egocentric species is willing to admit.

My history teacher in high school once said, “With the meeting of cultures comes the exchange of ideas.” Wow! That was an epiphinal statement that I have carried with me all my life. Hence my revulsion toward racism and any other nationalist tendencies I encounter. This may explain why my two favorite TV sci-fi shows were Babylon 5 and Star Trek’s Deep Space Nine. They envision communities and social structures where humans and extraterrestrials coexist and work together.

*It’s also interesting to note the differences in the socioeconomic structures that each show inferred. The Federation as an example of a “socialist” structure, while Babylon 5 embodied a more “capitalist” environment. Anyone who has seen both shows may have already made that analogy.

One particular documentary that I enjoyed is entitled “The Secret: Evidence That We Are Not Alone”. What I liked about this show was how instead of searching for eyewitnesses and going after testimonials about close encounters and alleged alien abductions, they took another approach. They directed their search toward the documents, government communiques and transcripts obtained through FOI and other “leaked” material. This becomes quite compelling on several levels.

I see two feasible possibilities. 1: That these documents are completely fraudulent and we’ve been gullible victims for some unknown agenda or hoax to the enjoyment of someone’s perverted sensibilities. If that were true, they’ve gone through an extremely laborious effort for a mere “joke”.

Or 2: That some of these documents are real evidence of a vast government conspiracy, designed and released to confuse the public with disinformation or denial to divert attention to what’s really going on for the purposes of National Security. And that these documents are genuine and could realistically shed some serious light on what is really going on “out there”.

In 1945 the United States executed their first nuclear test implosion of an atomic fission bomb at Alamogordo Air Base, New Mexico. Then in 1947 an interstellar craft allegedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell was where the 509th Bomber Wing was stationed. The only atomic bomber group in the U.S. at the time. Is it a coincidence that an inordinate amount of UFO anomalies and reports started to increase exponentially in New Mexico and elsewhere along with our escalation and development of weapons of mass destruction?

The researches in this particular documentary focused on the authentication of the documents themselves. And what they found is somewhat compelling. Very few of the original government documents have been seen by the UFO community; only copies. What few of these original documents that have been “allegedly” obtained, have also been scientifically analyzed for verification.

Just as any legitimate forensic investigator would do, they took the old onion skin paper samples and ink samples to establish the age and authenticity of the papers themselves. That combined with their observations of imperfections with typography and misspelled words in the drafts, lead to some very interesting and mind expanding possibilities.


1941: Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Charlette Mann. Ms. Mann was the granddaughter of Rev. William Huffman. In the Spring of 1941, Reverend Huffman received a call that a plane had crashed nearby. He was asked if he would go to minister to the people there. As the story goes, when he arrived the situation was not at all what he had expected. The craft was not an airplane and the bodies were not human in origin. He did what any man of God would have done. He prayed over the alien bodies and gave them their last rights. After which the Army arrived and an officer told him in so many words, “This never happened”.

Now I ask you. Why would a man of God lie about something like this?

Some of the communiques “on record” between Majestic 12, the Military Industrial Complex and presidents throughout history are mentioned. As presented in this documentary, President Roosevelt writes in one memo how he saw this new alien anomaly not so much as a threat, but as an opportunity. (With the meeting of cultures, comes the exchange of ideas?) Of course, not all ideas are ideally correct.

“I have considered the disposition of the material in possession of the Army that may be of great significance toward the development of a super weapon of war.” – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (1933-1945)

“It is difficult to predict what the attitude of International Law will be with regard to the occupation by celestial peoples of certain locations on our planet. But the only thing that can be foreseen is that there will be a profound change in traditional concepts.” – From a report drafted in June of 1947, by J. Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein.

In closing, I would like to share, at some personal risk to my credibility, a couple of “experiences” of my own:

Upon enlistment into the Marine Corps, during the forming stage new recruits receive guidebooks and manuals. In the manual is a category most of us in the military know as our General Orders. These describe the protocols and security measures that must be adhered to while on sentry duty. In my manual of General Orders, there was an excerpt covering unusual anomalies a sentry may encounter during the performance of his duties. One being, what to do if an unidentified flying object is sighted. I can no longer find this text or the little illustration accompanying the excerpt of a sentry looking up at a UFO from his guard shack, in any current versions of the 11 General Orders that I’ve been able to find.

My first and only experience with a UFO sighting was when I was stationed in the Mojave Desert. The desert sky is quite beautiful and clear. It’s like being under a Prussian Blue canopy that you’ve thrown handfuls of salt into and it all stuck. There was one star cluster and within it one star that appeared to be moving around in an irregular pattern. We all watched it for about twenty minutes. Some of us were Marines and others were civilians. We all know what we saw.

It gets better, so everyone grab their tinfoil hats and take a seat. It’s story time boys and girls:

I was never aware of this theory until about ten years ago when I started to hear about these “lizard” like aliens. During a recent conversation with a friend of mine about his experiences and stories concerning these odd reptilians, out of the blue an experience that I had long forgotten about since around 1976; as I never could quite accept my buddy’s story; shot into my consciousness.

In late 1975, I was stationed at Marine Corps Base Twentynine Palms in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. We were housed in what they called at the time “squad bays”. Basically a Quonset hut with cubicles that two guys would share. I remembered a story my cube mate told me one day. It was more than I could believe, but he was my friend so I listened attentively as he proceed to blow my mind.

This young Marine told me that during the previous night he was awake and saw with his own eyes a reptilian being that walked upright, plodding through our squad bay. This entity he continued to say, stopped at the entrance of our cubicle and was staring directly at him. Immediately I asked him why the (F-Bomb) he didn’t wake me or alert the rest of the squad bay. He said that he tried, but that he couldn’t speak or move; that he was paralyzed. He felt as though this creature was in his head and eventually for whatever reasons the creature turned and plodded off into the night. My buddy was then compelled to fall back to sleep until the next morning when he was able to talk about it.

Please do not start sizing me up for a straight jacket. There have been many reports of alien engagements with active duty service members on record that defy any reasonable explanation. This does not mean that I am a believer in reptilian alien beings. What I can say however, is that his experience does coincide with the details from many other experiences conveyed by those who claim to have had similar close encounters with reptilian-like alien beings.

As with any fantastic story, it is always wise to take everything you see and hear with a grain of salt, no matter how compelling it may be.

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