Universal Healthcare: Medicare as It Was Intended to Be


“The constant truism of capitalism is that all markets require some degree of manipulation or regulation within the context of the general welfare, not corporate welfare.”

By Allen Sands

Well, there’s an idea. Use our Universal Healthcare system – for universal healthcare! That is essentially what Medicare was supposed to be. We have a system in place. The wise thing to do would be to clean it up and make it work proficiently and honestly, not to try to make private interests more profitable at the public’s expense.

It’s easy to point the finger at any inefficient government program. And back to my primary argument. When you have private entities involved in public programs everything will go horribly awry. Medicare is riddled with fraud. But from who? “Private sector” doctors collude with their patients to get treatments they really don’t need all the time. I’m fortunate as I have V.A. Medical coverage. I have no complaints. I see absolutely no unnecessary treatment being doled out in any manner. I see a streamlined and efficient healthcare system being administered here in the Midwest.

Healthcare costs are much higher in the U.S. than anywhere else. This is partly because the government doesn’t use its bargaining power in the market place when it should. The constant truism of capitalism is that all markets require some degree of manipulation or regulation within the context of the law, but secondarily to the benefit of the entire country, not the select few. NAFTA is a prime example of capitalism gone horribly awry.

We as a society have to be able to make some distinction between personal profit and what substantiates an adequate living standard among us. Not everything needs to have a price tag in the free market. As a matter of fact, government sponsored capitalism would do nothing more than spark competition between both the public and private sector to maintain a fair and open market; while providing a universal healthcare option to those who would not otherwise be able to afford excellent healthcare on their own.

As market forces bring healthcare costs down, more people would be able to afford to choose their own private healthcare provider and depend less on socialized medicine. This of course can only occur in a utopia where capitalists were truly concerned with free and open markets and stayed out of all government programs. Laisses-faire works both ways or it doesn’t work at all.

“Guaranteeing people a decent retirement and decent health care does more than smooth out the rough edges of capitalism. Those guarantees give people the freedom to take risks. If you know that professional failure won’t leave you penniless and won’t prevent your child from receiving needed medical care, you can leave the comfort of a large corporation and take a chance on your own idea. You can take a shot at becoming the next great American entrepreneur.” – David Leonhardt, NY Times, 2009

David Leonhardt from the New York Times speaks to how healthcare coverage on the job is influencing career development and innovation. Healthcare plans often become the deciding factor over professional development choices and wages for professionals today. There are some who would agree that healthcare and employment should not be so closely dependent upon one another.


Metamodern Body Science. Universal Healthcare: Medicare as It Was IntendedSo the next time a conservative; Republican; American faux-Libertarian or faux-capitalist starts speaking about “big government” and how socialism and Universal Healthcare will ruin your life, remember who owns and operates our government to begin with.

Yes, we need a wall for sure. One built right smack in the doorway housing the revolving door between the public and private sector. Only then can true capitalism and socialism work. We can have our cake and eat it too. But everyone is so one sided in their thinking in the 21st Century.

The conservative perspective (left).

Obamacare; a commercialized attempt at universal healthcare, was poorly thought out by politicians and brilliantly planned by the private sector insurance companies. As usual some people are seeing benefits, but many are not. I repeat, when profit based institutions collude with government the citizen always takes the hit in one way or another. And when those private institutions fail, the citizen takes the hit again.

When the state spends as much time to plan and initiate a public or “universal healthcare” program as Medicare requires would it be presumptuous to expect some fiscal responsibility and attention to any conflicts of interest? Would it be frugal to keep the private sector sharks out of the government’s accounting? Off the government balance sheet, which equals – our public debt?

I don’t understand why we don’t fix the system that’s broken instead of privatizing everything on God’s green Earth. The private, or should I say big corporate sector has yet to prove their stalwart ethics and efficiencies as well. That’s the premise of government, to prevent the private sector from exploiting the general welfare for its own interests. We protect capitalism when it suits the interests of a few. When it suits the interests of an egalitarian society all hell breaks loose in the war against socialism.

Every time I have an opportunity to corner a self-proclaimed Libertarian I always put them to the test; and watch their eyes roll and mouth open in utter confusion after I say: “If you want my government out of your business – then get your business the fuck out of my government.”

I can’t make it any clearer than that.

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