Zeb Lueders: Untitled Digital Life Forms


Metamodernism, Art. Zeb Lueders

“I am trying to get my act together permanently; all contained under one roof in a cohesive coherent themed message, beyond all of my gifts and limitations.”

By EJ Wickes

Drawing has been a part of Zeb Lueders’ life for as long as he can remember. He doesn’t like finishing a piece because that means it’s done. In a previous conversation Lueders admitted to being “formally trained for informal order” and “finding comfortable chaos wandering thru the fast food lines of metamodernism”. That’s easier to understand when you know that Zeb Lueders spent some time in the Army serving his country in Iraq.

Picking right up where he left off, Zeb has been incredibly prolific in his process. It’s easy to produce and forget more work than can be cataloged with digital applications and Lueders is hard pressed to let any of it go. With an almost childlike approach to drawing reminiscent of Miro or Twombly, his intuitive method conforms with surprising results to the digital realm. In this series we’ve chosen to call, Untitled Digital Lifeforms, speaks to the process of artificially generated life.

Metamodern Art. Zeb Lueders
As science and technology are able to meld metal and electronics to muscle and bone, we’re also developing a class of artists and designers who are producing 3D printed prosthetics and genetically modified life forms. We are living in the science fiction of yesterday. Imagine designing a primary digital unit that can multiply itself and grow into a cognizant artificial digital life form with some intelligence. We’re virtually there.

Metamodernism Art. Zeb Lueders: Untitled Digital Lifeforms.
The first impression I had in seeing Zeb Lueders new work was why it wasn’t wriggling around on the screen. The work has a cellular or microbial feeling. Some of the pieces are reminiscent of the luminescent life forms which have existed for millions of years on the ocean floor. Others are like bizarre combinations of botanical and biological life forms.

Metamodernism, Art.
Perhaps it is a far stretch of the imagination to put Lueders work in that context. The intuitive approach to art is very grounded in nature. The mind forces itself to make sense of the abstract; through the suggestion of contour, texture and atmosphere and it’s up to the viewer to construct their own understanding, regardless of the artist’s intention.

Metamodernism, Art. Zeb Luefers

Metamodernism, Art. Zeb Lueders. Untitled Digital Life Forms.

Metamodernism, Art. Zeb lueders

metamodernism, Art. Zeb Lueders: Untitled Digital Lifeforms.

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